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Awhile back I had indicated how I was gravitating toward abstraction in some of my paintings. I started with landscape pieces, and have recently pivoted to interiors. One of my colleagues and I were discussing how we wished our painting was more abstract, and I took up the challenge. After many, many years of representational work, I was ready for something new and challenging.

One of the tools I'm using to help me achieve my objectives are palette knives. There are all different sizes and shapes, so I stocked up on those and other painting tools to make unique marks. As with the landscape paintings, I am using a limited palette. I'm really loving the effect on my work. Above are two separate details of two different paintings using palette knives.

The bottom line is that the texture and mark making are just so beautiful. And of course there's a freshness to the work which I'm loving also. The suggestion of an object is part your own interpretation, and part what I am trying to convey on canvas or board. And what I'm actually seeking the most is an arrangement of color that will wow, and will make you remember that there is quite a bit of beauty in the world. Go to my Etsy shop to see new and existing work!

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