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In the past, my chinoiserie interior paintings have been on the smallish side. No reason really, I think mainly based on time constraints- how much time do I have to finish a piece, as well as subject matter. Well recently, I thought about it and decided I would start a large interior to challenge myself (!), and because we're all spending more time sheltering in place- so I have a lot more time now. Do you like to see works in progress like I do? I love to see the transformation and change- it's fascinating to me. This is my piece so far.

It's large 16x20 inches on stretched canvas. I went over the wall color many, many times until I painted this beautiful teal shade- what do you think. It will be the background color for the wallpaper. And yes, I'm putting in a cat (I'm a cat person although I don't currently have one). Stay tuned when it's complete I will post it.

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