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Where are you from?

I was born in Evanston, Illinois and grew up in Barrington, a short distance away. The house my

parents built is still there and looks exactly the same. Most of my childhood was spent outdoors.

We lived in a rural area and were always outside in nature, riding bikes, ice skating, and walking

in the forest preserves. Cows used to come up to our dutch door in the kitchen!  My parents loved

the west coast so much they decided to move there. As a teen, I spent almost every weekend on

the coast or in the mountains skiing. Having lived in Seattle most of my life, I now divide my

time between Seattle, Portland, and Camano Island.


How long have you been an artist?


As long as I can remember I have been a visual thinker. One of the earliest memories I have is

looking through the pages of my Mom's decor books. There was nothing I loved more than images.

As a young child I disliked being read to, because I couldn't see the words in front of me,

so it was harder for me to comprehend. The support I had from my teachers in college

encouraged me to pursue an artists path. I hold two college degrees, studio art and interior design.

I started painting professionally and selling my work over 15 years ago.


Where can I purchase your work?


My work is available here on my website, Etsy, and Chairish curated art collection.


Can I post about your work on social media?


Absolutely!  Just make sure that you give proper credit and attribution, and link back to me.


Do you do commission work or custom paintings?


Yes sometimes! I typically do 2-3 custom paintings a year, but it really depends on the scope of the project.

I'd be happy to discuss your needs with you- just message me through my contact page here on my website.


Do you offer your work wholesale?


Please contact me to inquire.


Where is your studio? I like your work and would
like to see it in person. Can I visit your studio?


Visitors are welcome at my art studio which is open by appointment on Camano Island.  

Please inquire via my contact page.


How are your prints and reproductions made?


I print all of my own work in house because that way I control the color and quality of

my products. And I like to have that direct connection with my clients! Each print is handmade

in my studio and signed by me. I use a professional Canon printer that I love. The inks I use are

authentic and archival Canon inks. I use a museum grade matte, 100% cotton, fine art archival

paper for my reproduction art prints. My large giclee prints are made in conjunction with my

professional printer in Portland, OR.


Explain your artistic process.


I paint what I love, and often switch mediums and technique- or the way I approach the painting.

I thrive on this variety. I use pastels, acrylics, oils, and markers in my work, depending on my mood

and how much working time I have. I like to paint quickly however that doesn't mean

the paintings are completed quickly. The surface of the painting, is just as important to me

as the substance of the subject matter.

So you'll find that my paintings have lots of loose and expressive brushwork, mark-making,

and texture with a lot of paint. Collectors have described my work as pretty and happy,

with the use of exquisite color.


Can I see photos of your studio and you working?


Yes, I post photos typically in the spring and summer, when I am in my working studio

most frequently. Follow my blog for more!

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