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Beach painting in progress by Shann Spishak

I've always held a love for abstraction. In the past year, I've discussed this with my artist colleagues, and have considered taking my painting in that direction. I mentioned previously that I had been looking for some wall art for our beach house that was simple, abstract, and monochromatic. As a colorist, I found it odd that I was so attracted to pieces without color, or very little color! Who can explain! Being a painter and not finding what I wanted, I've taken it upon myself, and have begun to paint some landscapes. They are both abstract as well as monochromatic. I'm actually finding that this suits my painting style very well, because I always work and paint quickly- and like to see brushstrokes and texture on my pieces. I do not start with an exact idea of the painting's outcome, but like to piece my painting together as I go along. Much like a puzzle- I am looking for the missing pieces as I go along. With my still life's and interiors, I start with a focal point, then add spontaneously from there while painting.

I like my interior sketches to have a freshness and spontaniety- lots of color too!

My process for landscapes is similar, but the forms are reduced to basic shapes with broad sweeps of monochromatic color. My process also involves completing most paintings in one or two sittings. I get tired (and bored if you must know), of an extensive concern for detail- I find it monotonous. I can achieve a freshness and a spontaneity, and that ultimately gives the finished work a sense of immediacy and beauty. My abstract landscapes have me wanting to paint some more of these lively gems.

Until next time take care,



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