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Beach Time

We have been spending needed time at our beach house. Summer is our favorite time of year, however this summer has been a somber one, with the passing of a beloved family member. I'm taking each day one at a time and taking care of business. We are in the midst of a major redo of our front yard, which is currently filled with lots of blackberry bushes. That is my project for the fall- fencing going in and tall trees planted where our row of blackberry bushes is.

Not getting much painting done with beach house projects going on. On another note, I've always been attracted to sepia painting. I'm a colorist myself so I do find this attraction odd! In any case, I've been looking for an original seascape painting, in sepia tones- large- to hang in the house. I've not been able to locate anything I like after much research. Soooo... I thought I would paint my own seascapes.

I started these two below

Seascapes in Sepia- in progress

While painting, look who appeared outside my studio window- eating blackberries of course.

Until next time,



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