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Updated: May 19, 2023

With the onset of spring (finally!), it's hard not to think about flowers. Our yard is blooming with the most beautiful irises, rhododendrons, and more wild geraniums than I care to have. I've painted two paintings recently on watercolor paper. These are so joyful and colorful! I love this loose brushwork- it's so spontaneous and freeing. The neutral colored painting is very warm and the colors are prettier-not showing well in photo.

Flowers make us happy, and flowers make us remember the simple things in life that can bring so much joy. I hope you enjoy this color cornucopia!

Also working up some new ideas for paintings depicting my beloved interiors and still lifes. It involves a little bit of a technique change, or how I handle the paint. Subject matter the same. Color, as is the case with all of my work, remains the key element! When I get enough pieces for a collection, I will have virtual viewing with purchase option.

Take Care and enjoy springtime,



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