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I was going through my thousands of art photos recently, and came across a completed painting. Then I went back from there looking at the early stages, as the work in progress. I love doing this! It's so satisfying to see something go from absolutely nothing- to something beautiful! It's not often that I post work in progress so enjoy.

work in progress with oils and palette knifes

Here is the painting above as I had just completed the composition. I'm starting to lay in the color with a palette knife. This is using oil paints and only palette knifes- no brushes. I experimented with knives for the first time last year and loved it. In fact, I only have two palette knife paintings available- all the rest have sold.

Poppies, completed oil painting on cradled panel by Shann Spishak

Voila, here is the completed painting. As you can see, it has many layers of paint, and gorgeous texture, impasto and mark making. This piece is absolutely beautiful in person- pictures do not do it justice.

From this to that, it is still available for purchase in my shop. Add this to your collection, or start your collection today.

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